The remarkable feat of Beti Padhao Society in promoting Girl Education

The second International Yoga Day saw a furthering approach by Beti Padhao Society for underprivileged girls to help them pursue higher education. Under the Central Government’s Beti Padhao Abhiyan, the society in Chandigarh has launched a scheme for 51 underprivileged girls by adopting these girl students and helping them pursue higher education. Certain provisions have been set so that these girls are not just subjected to financial help but also receive other administrative help in the admission procedure, so that the admissions to higher education institutes get simplified. Those girls who could not finish their education and had to leave their education in between, owing to financial constraints and other reasons, have been especially picked up by the Beti Padhao Society.

Accentuating on the importance of educating girls, Assistant Media Advisor Vineet Joshi cited why women need to be educated stating, “Girls are our future mothers. A well-educated mother will always nurture a good and educated family. Educating girls is more important as they are the ones who imbibe virtues in their family. A literate and financially strong woman is always an asset to our nation.”

Echoing the same intentions was the chairman of the Beti Padhao Society- Professor SC Gupta, Chairman of the Beti Padhao Society. Professor SC Gupta stressed on the need for educating girls and added, “It is our responsibility to help all the children, especially girls, and push them to be literate and completely self-sufficient in life. Our society will always be there to cater to the needs of the needy and eager-to-study girls so that they become independent to deal with whatever circumstances they face in the future.”

girl education
The members of Beti Padhao society in Chandigarh during a press conference.

It is a known fact that this Central Government scheme was implemented so that it helps in bringing an unremitting social mobilization and communication campaign. It has been said to have created an equal value for girl child and further promote her education. The long gaps between the girl and boy education has prompted the government to set out few objectives under this scheme. Basically, the main objective behind the scheme is to avert the gender biased sex selective elimination, guarantee the security and existence of the girl child and then ensuring that she receives proper education.

On the occasion of ex-Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s birthday last year, the society endeavored in sponsoring for 65 underprivileged girls in Chandigarh only. The sponsoring was done under the Atal Pension Yojna so that these underprivileged take benefit out of the scheme.

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