The Power of Modern Teaching Methods

The present era is full of learning, opportunity, enthusiasm, and reformation! With that note, let’s begin crawling into the reality of changed teaching ways across India. Gone are the days when teaching was limited to blackboards and books. Nowadays, teachers and students access knowledge via visually interactive classes and mostly through technology. The Educational system has planted its roots in Creative Teaching Methodology with the advent of Online Classes and PowerPoint teaching manners.

Without a doubt, Modern Teaching methods have drastically made the learning experiences more interesting and efficient. The teaching methods have been transformed with the help of Presentations wherein the text is jotted down in main points to explain it more effectively. It hasn’t just been felt by everyone but also has been scientifically proven that visual and audio teaching, combined, lays more impact on the learners. As a result, the learners seem to grasp the learning more quickly. Using various visual ways such as charts and videos in Presentations seems to have turned fruitful for students to understand complex concepts effortlessly.

modern teaching
Implementation of Modern Teaching techniques has turned as better learning experience for students

Nowadays, the Professors or Subject Matter Experts conduct live sessions of teaching online wherein the students attend these classes from anywhere. Furthermore, these live sessions can be recorded by those who fail to see the classes, to be able to attend it later. The working learners who are unable to attend the Colleges rely upon online classes to catch up with their studies. With digital breakaway, highly qualified individuals from IIT or Harvard University have started to discard their high paid jobs to come up with online tuition on the Internet for free. It can be seen how online teaching websites and learning apps have begun to change the conventional teaching manners.

Contrary to that, despite all the pros related to it, many school managements have failed to acknowledge the importance of modern teaching methods. Even now, little significance is being given by some of the education authorities to enhance the teaching methods. The method of teaching has not really changed over the years. The teachers are not being given the creative freedom by the School Management, which are somehow satisfied with the same method of teaching.

Unfortunately, as per the District Information System for Education data, there has been a decline in the number of in-service teachers receiving training. While around 50% in-service teachers were trained in the year 2013-14, the figure dropped to 37.14% in 2015-16. This included 57.6% government school teachers, 34.59% aided school teachers and only 7.11% private schools teachers who were given training in 2015-16.

Gladly, many state governments have initiated training programs for teachers, but the fund cuts have had constant impact on the teacher training programs.

Considering the upper reports, there is a huge need for Education Department officials to hold seminars to make teachers learn and follow the best practices for convenient teaching ways. It’s time to ask the question, why education managements have been given little emphasis to modify the teaching methods? The education managements should focus on sending teachers for training programs, conferences, and seminars to keep their skills updated. The education management needs to give more attention towards the issue to help the teachers upgrade their teaching sessions. Also, teachers are required to keep their students occupied with digital lesson techniques.

It’s high time, the education authorities learn to appreciate the new ways of modern teaching methods. There’s a need to appreciate online professors or SMEs of our country like Raveendran (founder of Byju’s app), Salman Khan (founder of Non-profit Khan Academy), Roman Saini (founder of Unacademy), Roshni Mukherjee (Founder of ExamFear), Anil Nagar, (co-founder of Career Power).

Remember, the present era roars the very purpose to teach students at a fast pace in accordance with the technology!

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