The need of ranking Teacher Training Institutes in India

The National Council for Teachers Education (NCTE) – the apex regulator of teacher’s education in India, has now come up with a brand new method of ranking institutions across India- TeachR. The aim of this platform is to rank 100 top teacher training institutes by January next year and introduce a wave of revamped academic excellence. Presently in the process of drafting, it is scheduled to become a new framework for accreditation and ranking of teacher education institutes in India.

The prime objective of the council is to build a regulatory framework promoting academic excellence. Working as a stamp for institutes producing teachers for India, the new framework will be fully established by the second week of August. It will prioritize the outcomes of education as opposed to the inputs available to impart education. In literal terms, the framework will assess if future teachers are ready for schools instead of focusing on the number of books the college’s library has.

With this framework, NCTE aims to unlock the potential of all TEIs to provide better learning outcomes for their student – teachers and eventually for all students in India. The four quality checks of these assessment methods are physical assets, academic assets, teaching and learning quality and student learning outcomes. The inspection of institutions in Bihar has already begun on July 10.

Exceptions will be made for superior or high performing institutions and will be allowed to leap out this assessment if they qualify on two grounds – physical assets and learning outcomes. A college which fails to meet basic requirements of a Teacher Education Institute (TEI) will be weeded out as a outcome of this assessment.

There will be four categories, under which B.Ed colleges will be ranked- A, B, C and D, according to their performance in the assessment. Those coming as low as D will be notified to shut down without wasting a day and those which falling in C will be obliged to meet the bar in the span of a year and failing to do even this will result in their shut-down.

With the troublesome rate fraudulent teachers conning people into getting fake degrees, the overall quality of education is exposed to strong corrosion, at which, the framework aims to put a stop on. New degrees provided to teachers will be carrying a QR code making the degree unique, credible and genuine.

Consultation sessions have already been started by the council and till date, 30,000 suggestions have already been received. Chairperson of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) Dr. A. Santhosh Mathew said, “We intend to sift through all the suggestions that have poured in for the ‘TeachR’ framework across the country to seek feedback on the framework.”

National Teacher Platform, an online portal, has been launched to help teachers access an array of resources that will aid their classroom preparation. The platform aims to work as national teacher education registry. It can also be used by teachers to showcase their resume to prospective employers.

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