Why The Indian in me is upset on NIT Srinagar row

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The Indian in me is upset on NIT, Srinagar. With no policy, idiots as spokespersons and people like Anupam Kher to make hay while the sun shines, we will kill hard won trust and peace in J&K. Srinagar should be off bounds for Right wing ignorant Bhakts. Never the twain shall meet!

A lot of people have been writing about the silence of the Sickular intellectuals on the events at NIT, Srinagar. Here goes my response:

Kashmir indeed is an integral part of India. We own the territory and no power on earth can take it away from India. However, as it appears, Kashmiris still don’t own India as much as we own Kashmir. They may be a minority 1% or much much more. I don’t even want to hazard a guess.

A strong nation doesn’t flex its muscles. It doesn’t demand the allegiance of it’s people. It works hard to win the hearts of its people. Any university where you would want the people to declare allegiance by shouting slogans will throw up defiance, especially when you have Kashmiri students in the cohort. If indeed, showing allegiance is a pre-condition, I would like BJP to insist that Mehbooba Mufti shout the BMKJ slogans?

What we are unable to do with a government supported by BJP, we are forcing students to do it. BMKJ doesn’t define a nation of 1.3 billion people. It is impossible to have every one speak in one voice, even if it is about nationalism and patriotism. We are not in a state of war. It is for the state to own the people, but the reverse is not necessarily true. Just look at the number of immigration seekers out of India. They clearly don’t see a future in this country, but they aren’t anti-nationals? Or Are they?

The reason why those 8 students at JNU who shouted anti-national slogans aren’t arrested, and rightly so, is because they were Kashmiris. There was a protest against killing of Pathankot terrorists when the encounter was on, at a nearby Madrasa. Now you have NIT students in Srinagar celebrating an India loss. All have a common connection-Kashmiris. The Modi government was wise enough in not charging the 8 Kashmiris in JNU. India simply cannot arrest a Kashmiri for sedition. Our jails and courts will not suffice.

We need to deal with Kashmir with maturity. We need to have a big heart. They are our own and we need to work harder so that they own us. Don’t put them in a room and force them to say what they don’t want to with their heart. The Pseudo nationalism propagated by Smriti Irani will only distance the people of Kashmir from India and cost India in the long run. This is a sinister ploy to keep us in a perennial state of conflict. Harmless defiance should be tolerated and ignored.

I am an eternal peacenik. In modern day warfare, no country can win a war, especially with its own people. Let NIT stay at Srinagar. Moving it out is the worst you can do to Kashmir. Let students mingle and understand each other’s point of view. Let us win hearts. Let us win peace. Kashmir is ours, now let us win over Kashmiris too.

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