The disturbing state of govt schools in Himachal

The disturbing state of govt schools in Himachal

All encouraging efforts aside, the data reported by Himachal Pradesh board of school education for this year’s board results truly depict the poor state of government schools and the quality of education being served to students there. After the board results for class 10 and class 12 were announced last week, the board made the stats public for the pass percentage and what not. It doesn’t really come as a surprise that most of the toppers and performers are emerging out of private schools then. And it’s not just the case with Himachal only, the rest of states are also suffering through the same case.

The condition here is so distressing that as much as not a single student from 16 government schools could pass the class tenth board exams, recording the average pass percentage of Zero. That’s a big step back for Himachal government which is launching new initiatives every now and then to improve the education in the state, which is mostly comprised of hilly areas. Considering that scenario, it gets a little hard for providing best quality of education for all but the results from the rest of schools aren’t encouraging either. Around 86 of another schools have also squared off an average pass percentage of less than 20 in class 10. A total 5523 schools, including 3511 high schools and 2012 senior secondary schools are currently affiliated to state education board of Himachal Pradesh, registering around 2.5 lakh students just from these two standards.

In class 12 exams this year, three schools recorded zero passing percentage while 24 other schools recorded the same less than 20.

Balbir Tegta, Chairman of HP Board of school education has said that the board has been closely tracking the results of board exams and it has observed that close to 765 schools have recorded positive results, with average pass percentage being above 90, and 1650 schools have posted pass percentage between 75-90%. The additional chief secretary (education) of Himachal Pradesh, P C Dhiman has said that the ratio of poorly performing schools is not very high as compared to schools which have performed well with passing percentage of 90-100%. However, he has asked the education department to submit a report explaining the valid reasons for this turnabout on zero pass percentages.

For past years, the HP Board has produced somewhat mediocre results in terms of overall pass percentage in board exams of 10th and 12th class. In 2015, the overall pass percentage for 12th class was at 68.64% with a minimal improvement of around 3.5% from 2014 (65.01%). Girls continue to dominate the merit list of highest scorers and also in case of passing percentage.

For 10th class, the overall pass percentage in 2014 was recorded at 61.16% and in 2015, it increased to 64.45%. Roughly, 1.40 lakh students sit for high school board examinations each year.

According to last recorded census, the literacy rate in Himachal Pradesh currently stands at 82.8%. And in contrast to the high school and intermediate education, the state is far behind the likes of Kerala which has set an example in achieving highest pass percentage in board exams.

The board has hinted at improvising the disastrous condition of government schools. And it has become far more necessary now since the students from boards like CBSE and ICSE, although having national recognition, are enjoying high percentages and as a result of which, mostly get merit in entrance exams and top-listed in college and universities. The lesser percentages achieved by students of state boards come as a drawback of their chances at better quality of education.

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