The dire need to promote Sports Education in India

hoolAs the maxim goes ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, those parents who want their children to focus only in the academic field are making a big line of dull Jacks. It is no surprise that in our country most of the parents have a condescending attitude towards sports. They consider it a trivial part of school life which should be confined to one period and not more than that. No surprise that many schools have not even recruited sports teachers and the children are left to learn the sports all by themselves. In such a situation, even these students do not perceive sports in a kind light.

The fundamentals for anything is made firm if there is seriousness in it since the starting. Sport in schools is treated less as a subject and more as a respite from strenuous studies. This demands a change as low representation of the country in international level sports competitions could be attributed to this very reason. It is not as if our quality in sports is less; there is a reason why our winning graph is very low. The fundamentals that are being talked about are the ones that need to be set at a very early age and that could be done only in schools. A proper study needs to be done and taught for each sport in every school. Pick up any sport and make the students understand the technicality involved in that sport, that’s what is needed now.

The suggestions are not to make sports a theoretical subject. Indeed, mastery over any sport can be achieved through practice. The knowledge of a sport cannot be limited to mugging up the point so on how it is to be played; regular practice only can help in perfecting the craft. This is the primary reason the induction of sports as an essential subject should be made in schools. The advantages of sports in one’s life need no enumeration. There have been few schools and colleges who have included Physical Education in their curriculum which has surely proven to be of great advantage to students. This subject has been added to emphasize on the importance of sports and a healthy lifestyle that it brings along.

The government is promoting its best, yet the reality is a bit grim in many schools. It is expected of children to develop a natural ability in any sport. Many are not able to face the strain of academics and fail to excel in those subjects. Where future in any good college becomes tentative, it is in the field of sports that there exists good prospect to enter a college of one’s own choice, thanks to the availability of credits awarded to sports persons.

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