The debate over Parliament disruption

parliament of india

It looks as if the government is in opposition. They are raising issues to disrupt their own governance. Their strategy seems to be to disrupt proceedings so that their performance is rarely discussed. Drought, farmer suicides, falling investment climate is no longer on the agenda of the parliament. We discuss petty issues. Look at the last 3 parliamentary sessions.

  • 3 sessions back, a day before the parliament was to begin, they raided Kejriwal’s office to seize 2 lacs in cash. Parliament disrupted.
  • 2 sessions back, exactly 2 days before the session was to begin, they arrested students of JNU on a tweet from a fake account of a noted terrorist and a doctored video. Parliament discussed sedition and BMKJ.
  • Now, a day before the session starts, they declare their intention to discuss AgustaWestland. It was not GST or any other important bill. Parliament disrupted.

I am fine putting the corrupt behind bars, arresting any anti national (if proven). But where is the floor strategy. It is as if the government is in opposition. They don’t want any discussion on their dismal performance. After a USD 60 billion gain on oil, we are where we are.

Coming to the shops owned by Rahul at Saket in Delhi, that auction was the biggest farce and had corruption written all over it. It made tons of money to Vadra (DLF Mall) , Rahul (Emaar MGF Mall) and one Ranjan Bhattacharya along with media Moghul Kerry Packer. For the record, Ranjan is the foster son in law of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. He is a stake holder in Svelte Hotels which sits on top of the DLF Mall and which was later sold to Maharaja Exporter in a 110 crore deal (that is the declared cheque amount).

Modi Ji must investigate, but I wish it could have been after this session. And they must investigate completely to hold all three including Mr.Vajpayee responsible.

Are the biggest issues plaguing us not the lost degrees of PM and Smriti Irani ji? Rest of the things can wait.

Our government has made several efforts to build consensus on GST. The entire political class across the political divide has come on the same page , except Congress. Several congressman express dismay in private over their helplessness over the obduracy of their leader Rahul & Sonia.. this is against nation’s interest.

We may recall the meeting initiated by Modi with Manmohan & Sonia. Unfortunately the Congress has not learnt lessons despite people of India reducing it to mere 44 seats in a Lok Sabha of more than 540 seats.

The principle opposition party is refusing to be part of nation building process.

Despite this situation the Modi government has passed several bills like Aadhaar , Real estate bill and shall also pass the Bankruptcy bill.

Although its grossly unfair to say that the Government is in opposition yet t on the contrary, the Government, despite winning absolute majority, is being obstructed by a unelected Rajya Sabha.

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