The debate on detention of Subrata Roy, Mallya

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The prolonged detention of Subrata Roy in Tihar exemplifies the complete failure of constitutional arrangements on the country. That he flourished and cooked a snook at the law and authorities is proof of one failure. That the Supreme Court had to step in and enforce compliance of its orders by resorting to extra constitutional means is another. We need to put our heads together to saving the Constitution and it’s spirit. Till then praise of Ambedkar is merely platitudinous.

This shows the breakdown of constitutional values from both sides. In my view this man is entitled, after nearly 2 years in jail, for bail on condition that if he does not arrange for the amount to be deposited within a prescribed period, then he would be brought back to jail or his properties could be attached. But this case is intriguing. Maybe His game plan was with connivance of politicians. Removal of criminals from politics is first requirement.

A nation where even Apex court is not respected. Take this, SC put a ban on usage of plastic “pannis” in Delhi, but even that isn’t not executed so far as use of the same is still in continuation. How do you save the Constitution and it’s respect then?

The fact that Subrata Roy refuses to meet the amount for bail is a matter of concern and thanks to SC initiatives, howsoever it may to big business, depositors see a ray of hope of getting refunds of their deposited amount sometime soon. The SC judgement in the Subroto Roy case is not only against the law of the land but also against the laws followed in any civilised country. A European Court would be right in refusing to hand over Vijay Mallya or any other alleged criminal to India, after the way our SC has jailed Subroto Roy. I dislike the man but the law cannot dump him in jail for no reason.

Many years ago SC ordered use of helmets. How many two wheeler drivers use them?

We as Indians do not respect the nation and its laws too. Country making is collective effort.

We only have the justice and the governance we deserve. The rule of law, the maintenance of law and order are myths, for settling scores often for partisan purposes and sometimes for liquid cash.

Our courts unfortunately are also stalemated if and when they deliver verdicts which go against the ruling cliques. France has been condemned several times for this type of lengthy imprisonment without release or access to bail by the European court of Justice.

Subroto roy has to pay. That is main question. Let it be a lesson for others also. What Constitution has to do with such wilful defaults.

Actually Subrata Roy is an example for defaulters to run away from the country or cool your heels in Tihar. Mallya and many more are to be in line.

# The views expressed here are truly Author’s personal.

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