The Curious Case of Indian Entrepreneurs; What Has ‘Start Up’ India Gained?

startup india

While bold, risk taking, young nationalistic entrepreneurs are working on imaginary problems like finding a restaurant, having under garments and razors delivered at home etc., the anti-national left leaning activists are solving real life problems of India like water crisis, drought, micro finance, education, starvation, MNREGA etc thus impeding our development and costing us GDP and FDI.

Startups that do not invest in creating a great product don’t make for unicorns. And Startups that don’t focus on revenue generation don’t survive for long. The challenge is to invest in making a great product company while monetising at every level and at all periods of time. Great product companies die for lack of revenue models and some great revenue companies stagnate because they did not invest in product and audiences. The conflict is the choice and the opportunity too.

India, the land of entrepreneurs solving real life problems.

– We can’t reach food to the poor though we spend billions.

– We can’t reach water to drought hit though we invest billions.

– We can’t reach wages under NREGA, though we allocate billions.

– We can’t reach subsidies of billions without pilferages.

– We can’t dream of 100% education, even with Right To Education.

– We can’t plan for drought despite investing billions – annual calamity

– We can’t plan for floods even though it is a regular occurrence

– We haven’t planned for educated unemployable (Skill India)

– Nor can we plan for employable unemployed (Make in India)

– We don’t feed our starved people (Right to Food) after spending billions.

– We can’t make India healthy despite investing billions.

Either Indian entrepreneurs are living in a different India or they are solving problems of the VCs who live in a different country.

While some ministers are busy blowing trumpets of nationalism and protecting our culture, a few others have made work their culture, to benefit people inhabiting the nation. Dharmendra Pradhan in Oil & Gas, Suresh Prabhu in railways, Piyush Goel in Power, Nitin Gadkari in Road Transport and Sushma Swaraj in external affairs are notable performers.

No company makes profits in initial years. The window to be called a Start Up is 2016-2019. No investor exits in 2 years. However, Investors who take risk to fund an unlisted firm with zero liquidity are penalised with a capital gain. In India, laws are made for thieves and imposed on the honest. Where is the ‘Badlaav” and ‘Ache Din’? Where is the fresh start to change laws that suspect entrepreneurs and hound them?

What has ‘Start Up’ India gained?

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