The Australian woman who left her children at home alone and flew to Bali, Now faces charges

Two children aged six and four were left at home alone at a Cloverdale house in Perth, East by an Australian woman, not their biological mother, who had gone overseas to Bali to allegedly renew her visa. The children were found ‘screaming and crying’ when police arrived at their house and entered through an unlocked door. It is not known as of now who alerted the police about the children.

The two children were left unsupervised for 2 days. Even the neighbours had no idea that the children had been left to fend for themselves. One neighbour said she only learned they were alone after hearing their cries when the police arrived. She said the children looked distressed when they were brought out of the house by the police. “The kids were crying and screaming,’ she told the West Australian.

‘Had I’d known I would have called the police,’ she added.

The 28 year old mother of the two children was met and arrested by Child Abuse Squad detectives at Perth International Airport when she returned to the country on Thursday. The children’s father was also away overseas and the police were unable to question him regarding the incident. He is expected to be detained by Australian Border Force personnel for questioning when he returns to the country on Sunday night.

‘The children were subsequently removed from the property and placed into appropriate care,’ they said in a statement. They are being cared for by the Department of Child Protection and Family Services.

Child Protection Minister Andrea Mitchell said she was ‘horrified’ after learning that children of such a young age were left at home without any supervision.

‘Any specific chance where there [are] children of this age, or in fact any age, being left alone is extremely concerning.’

Ms Mitchell said the incident served as an example of where the community can take a role in looking after and safeguarding children.

“The safety of children is the responsibility of all of us,” she said.

The woman, believed to be in a de-facto relationship with the children’s father, has been charged with two counts of engaging in conduct which could result in harm to a child in a person’s care and control.

There was shock and outrage in the country at the news of the abandonment of such young children for 2 whole days.

She will appear in the Perth Magistrates Court on June 22.

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