The aftermath of Tamil Nadu elections

tamil nadu elections
Jayalalithaa led AIADMK emerged as clear winner in the elections.

As the results of the Tamil Nadu elections are out, it seems that the numbers are telling a different story altogether. It has led us to many interpretations and extrapolations. The DMK has lost. And out of all the ongoing buzz related to the assembly elections, the concept of NOTA (none of the above) has become a matter of the discussion. Though we cannot see much difference between the number of votes a candidate has got and the number of people who opted for NOTA. But it seems to have made a huge difference for the different parties, especially for those who just lost by a few number of votes. The last button on the voting machine has become the talk of the town.

nota optionAfter the results, the candidates does not seem to be happy with results as they can see that the number of people who opted for NOTA are more than the number of people who actually voted for them. In the total votes polled during the election, NOTA accounted for 1.3% of them. NOTA has been ahead of all the other three options and has been the first choice of the voters.

Something similar happened in the year 2014. During the Lok Sabha elections that took place in 2014, almost 1.4% of the people out of the total people voted for NOTA.

According to the former Chief Election Commissioner, N Gopalaswami, “ NOTA is not a rejection. In the era of ballot papers, a voter had the option to fold the paper without putting the seal if he or she did not want to vote for any candidate. The option to provide the NOTA button is to ensure the privacy of the voter and secrecy of the polling process”.

The officials also believe that it hardly makes any difference to the winning party, no matter whether the voter has opted for NOTA or for some party.

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