Telangana Universities may lose funding from UGC

University Grants Commission may soon put a stop on the funding that it offers to the Universities in Telangana. UGC has alarmed the universities that it will take a strict action if at any point of time the appointed Ph.D supervisors found to be supervising more than eight scholars under them.

ugc guidelinesSince last few months, it has been observed that many universities in Telangana are violating rules and regulations laid by UGC under the constant pressure of students who are, in turn, getting support from the administration of the respective University. At the time of formation of Telangana State, there was an immense increase in the number of scholars and there was hardly any control on other academic affairs of the university.

In the directive sent by UGC to the Universities located in Telangana, it had specifically asked them to provide the number of scholars that each supervisor is guiding at present. If in case they are not following the norms and in coming time also they did not amend the ongoing system, a strict action will be taken by UGC which might lead to further blocking of grants. In a recent move, UGC has reduced funding of trust-run colleges.

The directive was issued keeping in view the following reports that the Universities in the State of Telangana are every year producing more than hundreds of Ph.D scholars with very few qualified teachers on its rolls.

The Dean, Development and UGC affairs of Osmania University A. Ravindranath said they had received the letter and the same has been shared with the officials concerned. Further the officials were of the view that the same problem is prevalent in almost 50 per cent of the departments, maximum in Arts and Social Sciences field and minimum in the engineering field. Another biggest problem that the universities in Telangana are facing in the present scenario is that of the external supervisors.

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If the guidelines laid down by the UGC are to be strictly followed than no scholar can be guided by the teachers who are appointed at other Universities but these teachers can act only as co-supervisors. An official who refused to disclose his name found to be quoting “Guides have to be from the university concerned or qualified people from its constituent colleges.”

The Telangana State Council of Higher Education Chairman, T. Papi Reddy, accepted that this problem is existing in many universities and assured that all required steps and measures will be followed so as to make sure that all the terms and conditions laid down by the UGC directives are followed.

UGC views seriously violation of norm on number of research scholars under each supervisor

Earlier in the month of March also, Universities in Telangana were under the scan of losing the UGC Grants and recognition if the State government undertook the complete procedure of electing the Vice Chancellor of the Universities.

During the last month of the year 2014 also Telangana state came under the limelight because of the faculty commissioning. As per the news at that time in the last few years there was no new joining of any professor in the State universities.

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