Telangana Transport Department develops School bus app for children’s security

Keeping in mind the mishaps occurring to school buses, Telangana Transport Department has developed an android application which will show details of the bus, driver’s licence and many more such useful information when one enters the registration number of any school bus across the state.

school bus app for children security

The application developed under state government initiative will help parents who worry about their children. Mr. Sandeep Kumar Sultania, Transport Commissioner of Telangana Government demonstrated the usefulness of the application by entering a random registration number, TS-02-UA-0293. As soon as he entered the number in his android phone, details regarding the bus as well its driver popped up on the screen such as owner of the vehicle, driver on duty and his name, the driver’s license number along with its validation of his license.

On further explaining the usefulness of the app, he stated that parents can easily track the movements of any bus using Global Positioning System (GPS). Parents can access their child’s movements just by downloading the application in their Android phone.

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As per the report of State’s Transport Department, there are over 18,595 school buses, both private and government functioning across 10 districts in the state. The government has asked the schools authorities to bring school buses under them to get a new ‘Fitness Certificate’. The main aspects of fitness parameters are primarily accurate functioning of braking system, proper functioning of vipers as well as suspension. Another important parameter while issuing fitness certificates is to check for worn out tires and emergency systems in a particular bus.

As per new directives of the Transport Department, it is mandatory for the school buses to have a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and an attendant to help out the little ones while they board the bus.

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