Telangana Govt Acts Upon The Issue of Scarcity of Teachers in Schools

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The education system in Telangana state is undergoing serious crisis, the same was confirmed by the State officials. A total of 1,667 letters were written by students and parents from a number of villages and a division bench of acting Chief Justice Dilip B Bhosale and Justice S V Bhatt took up these letters as a public interest litigation case. The bench, acting upon the case, ordered the state government to file a counter affidavit.

The school children had complained that there is scarcity of teachers in the schools. The matter can be confronted with the fact that even the number of teachers does not equal number of total schools in some places. There are some schools where only one teacher is available for hundred plus students and even no teacher in some village schools. It was reported last month that 18 out of 78 schools became un-functional in Nalgonda district due to same reason.

The Court had acted deliberately on the issue and even warned that the Mahbubnagar district education officer would be suspended for his negligence in the matter.

T Chiranjeevulu, Director of School Education, filed the counter affidavit stating the initiatives of government taking the letters into consideration. He mentioned that the department has started counselling process for transfer of teachers in villages.

He said, “We started a unified district information system on education and rationalised the teacher postings.”

He further explained that the lack of teachers in villages arose because teachers preferred urban areas over villages due to unavailability of basic facilities. The government has issued proceedings in July that the junior-most teacher of the school has to work in that particular school till an alternative arrangement was made in case of he or she opting for transfer. It has also been mentioned in the affidavit that total 10,961 teaching posts are vacant in the schools. There are 26,050 government schools in the Sate with a sanctioned strength of 1,12,692 teachers, which averages 4-5 teachers per school at present.

The affidavit states that the government has taken steps for deploying teachers in the schools where teachers ratio is less than students, thus maintaining the student-teacher ratio in schools. The government has also appointed Vidya Volunteers in the vacant teacher posts.

Name of some villages has also been mentioned in the affidavit along with the actions taken by the government. There are seven schools in Mahbubnagar district with a sanctioned strength of 41 teachers. The government informed through the affidavit that 11 teachers and 11 Vidya Volunteers are teaching in these schools and additional 20 teachers have been appointed there.

The Court had even expressed the need of passing an order on the par with Allahabad High Court order of 18 August. The order stated that all the government officials must send their wards to government schools only.

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