Telangana CM promises hundred percent literacy

A state which had 80 percent lower literacy rate than the national average (at the time of its birth), has been promised by its Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao of achieving 100 percent literacy rate in near future. Telangana which has Hyderabad, one of the pioneers of software revolution in India, does not have much else to boast about.

Thus such a commitment by the chief minister of state may go down well in realizing his mission of restoring glory to the state, which too he had vowed earlier. This is especially true for the state which fairs relatively dismal compared to its sister state Andhra Pradesh from which it bifurcated. On the other hand, Andhra Pradesh government is vying to achieve 100 percent literacy by the year 2019

The current literacy rate of the state at around 67 percent is still comparatively low from the national average of almost 74 percent. This figure assumes even darker shades when it is broken down for different sectors. For an instance, the general literacy rate of the state (7 yrs or more) consists of as many as almost one-third illiterates. The adult literacy rate stood at around 75 percent, while the number of households with no literacy was almost around 25 percent, though these figures may not represent the true picture and the realities may as well be far gloomier.

It would be impertinent to hold that the glory which the CM fervently hopes to restore, as avowed by him, to the infant state could be achieved without making striking and wide-ranging reforms in the education system.

This declaration may be seen as precursor to wide-ranging educational reforms which Telangana has undertaken, chief among which includes the formulation of New Education Policy which aims to bring every government institution at same place, and has proposed to set up institute ranging from high schools to PG colleges in the same place, which would also provide accommodation to the students.

The deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister of the state, Kadiam Srihari, had also held meeting with officials of school education, SCERT and Telangana state public service commission for consideration of free KG-to-PG education scheme.

It is also expected that English would be the chosen medium of education in the state, however, it remains to be seen as from which class it would be implemented.

The state government is also considering a revision of teacher training program, which may augur well for the development of education which is still in the nascent stage.

Steps such as these may, in actuality, go down well in realizing the promise which the CM has made to his people, and whose need is most urgent for this latest state of India.

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