Teachers’ strength dwindling at Magadh University

The prestigious Magadh University which already has been deprived of a good number of teachers is now set to face another decline this year. The university which has not made a move towards hiring teachers since 2003 and with a hefty number, 118 teachers already retired this past year, the university will see another 119 teachers part ways with the university this year. The varsity will witness a 40% dip in the sanctioned strength, making things a little more difficult for them and the 44 constituent and four deficit grant minority colleges.

The total number of sanctioned posts according to the official figures is 3,037, out of which the allotted 2,099 are for the post of post graduate teachers in the 36 colleges but much to their misfortune, has a strength of 812 students and out of this as well, 83 are set to bid adieu the prestigious university this year which will bring down the number to 729 by the end of the year if an effort to recruit any staff members are not made on their part .Whereas, the eight new constituent colleges with a sanctioned strength of 715 teachers have a comparatively better number of 368 teachers working in the varsity bringing the much required relief.

The four deficit grant minority colleges seems to have a much better situation as the number of posts permitted to hire teachers is 223 and the working number in colleges like MG, Gaya, Patna city is 188 and has a total of 45 vacant posts. On the current situation regarding the scarcity of teachers the university has been facing, the Vice Chancellor expressed his dismay on not having the authority to hire teachers as the responsibility lies in the hands of the Bihar Public Service Commission.

The Commission had advertised to fill 609 assistant professors posts to be a part of the university but the recommendation by the said commission is still pending in front of the university. Moreover, in order to make up for the dwindling number of the teachers and help the university thrive, Vice Chancellor Md Ishtiaq has kept forward the idea to recruit the already retired teachers in front of the principal and the Head Of the Departments, but according to him, the response of retired teachers has really not been positive enough, thereby diluting their interest in offering their services to the university again.

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