Teachers stopped students from singing National Anthem, NPP leader demands strict action

The diktat issued by the teachers of government school in Doda district of Jammu preventing the students from singing the National Anthem during morning assembly was criticized severely by National Panthers Party leader Mr Harsh Dev Singh. NPP leader said that the whole thing was unpleasant. He asked the state government to probe into this matter and punish those teachers who were responsible for their unpleasant nature in preventing students to sing the national anthem.

students stopped from singing national anthemNPP leader Harsh Dev Singh vented out his anger on the teachers and said that it was highly intolerable, unpleasant and totally condemnable. He also regretted that no steps were initiated and action was not taken against the teachers belonging to Doda district in Jammu and Kashmir who had prevented the students from singing National Anthem.

It should be noted that, at Bhagwah, students staged protests against teachers who issued diktat and and insisted on their suspension earlier the week. The enraged students gathered in huge numbers in the streets and raised slogans against teachers who stopped them in singing National Anthem. It was also observed that some teachers thrashed students for singing National Anthem and even misbehaved with them.

It had been two years since the order or diktat was imposed upon the students. One protesting student said, while singing the National Anthem some teachers stopped them. Students don’t wanted this to happen again in the future and demanded the teachers’ suspension. Students did not know the reason why such diktat was imposed upon them while the students belonging to other schools were allowed to sing National Anthem.

About 100 boys and girls belonging to the government higher secondary school walked nearly 15 kilometers to complaint about those teachers who had prevented the students from singing national anthem. Bupinder Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Doda district, guaranteed the students that strict action would be taken against those teachers who did this. He further added that, an inquiry committee was formed and Chief Educational Commissioner would probe on this issue and necessary actions would be instigated soon.

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