Teachers and students continue protests against Hyderabad University

Students protest at Hyderabad University campus

Since last few weeks the sprawling campus of the Central University of Hyderabad has been witnessing chaos in its 2300 acre of land as the students and teachers associations are going on parallel strikes every now and then on the issue of racist profiling, moral policing and the presence of police on their campus.

The teachers and students are on strike due to an incident that took place on May 31 at the time of holidays when usually the campus is lonely and isolated. As per the reports, “Based on a verbal complaint of “illegal occupancy” and “nuisance”, the campus security raided the campus residence of associate faculty member.”Despite several complaints, the University administration has not taken the complaint seriously, nor has it taken any action against the errant security staff.

Teachers and students of the Hyderabad University will continue with the strike and boycott of the classes till the Vice-chancellor RP Sharma will not give a satisfactory answer to the question asked by the agitating teachers and students for ‘moral policing’ and ‘illegal raid’ on a faculty member on campus.

Three days since the protest began in full swing, on September 3, 2015 University of Hyderabad Teachers’ Association conducted a General Meeting. The meeting stretched for as long as to hours but then too the VC failed in making commitment or giving a satisfactory solution to the problem. When VC failed to give any answer, he re-scheduled the meeting again for Friday i.e. September 4, 2015. But the teachers said that they will attend the meeting only when the VC will clarify “his stand on the issues.”

During the press conference, UHTA President said, “All the demands were once again reiterated to the VC. He heard us all but failed to be vocal over the issue.”

Laxmi Narayana said,”We need to know what the VC feels about our grievances. If he fails to give us an explanation till Monday, we plan to sport black badges and hold a relay hunger strike. Further he said if the matters got worse, the teachers will continue to be on strike no matter what.”

Now the demand of the UHTA is that they administration should demand a public apology show-cause notice to the deputy registrar who ordered the action ‘without following due procedures’ and sensitization of officers and employees on campus over the rights of residents.

This all was not enough, even the 5,000+ students of the university forced a strike of their own, opposing the increased police presence and constant interference in campus matters by the police. Daniel B, general secretary of UoH students’ union said, “In the meeting scheduled for September 7, students would discuss the future course of action. If police entry is not reduced on campus, we may also boycott classes.”

In spite of the strike on the parts of the students and teachers till date the administration of the University and the Police has not responded anything and the campus continues to boil and churn, while the police maintain their positions and the administration keeps their mouth shut.

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