Tata Steel Plans To Recruit 5500 Women By 2020 To Bring Diversity

Recent times saw an increment in the achievements of women in India. Whether it is sports or academics, Indian women have never lost their chance to prove themselves. It has been proved that if women would be given a chance, they would never disappoint.

Talking about giving the chance, Tata steel is planning to recruit more women to increase the diversity. One of the leading steel producers is set to recruit 5,500 women by 2020. This initiative will push up the percentage of women in the industry which is currently less than 6%.

These new hiring will mostly constitute the replacement of the position held by men and new positions would also be created for women. It is also proposed that of the 5500 women employee, 1400 would be inducted as managers.

women jobs

All the process of giving the importance to hiring of women has started in 2015. The company group formed a diversity group named Mosaic who looked after the recruitment process of female candidates.

However, the process would be not easy for Tata Steel. Being an organization of mining and manufacturing process, it would be difficult to bring the diversity. While the company having desk jobs don’t face such problems, women are less attracted to field jobs. Now, the company has planned to increase the hiring percentage to a minimum of 30%.

In sddition to increase the women diversity, the company has also decided to recruit physically disabled people. It has partnered with ‘EnAble India’ to execute this process, which works for the differently abled people to help them get jobs.

Chief Diversity Officer, Atrayee Sarkar, said the company will have the provision of recruiting the qualified spouse of an employee on a contract basis. Also, she said the employees who left the company and want to come back, they may do so but on a long term contract.

All these initiatives would bring a new dimension to the company which will enrich the corporate and industrial culture. Increasing female ratio and recruiting physically disabled people would also portray positive impact on the society.

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