Tamil Nadu Engineering colleges witness 30% hike in salaries for students

Engineering sector provides various opportunities for a student to establish his/her future. Approximately five lakh students graduate from engineering colleges across India every year with the hope to see themselves in a better position. In India, a very large number of B.Tech colleges are present and some are with good placement record and some with good infrastructure facilities, whereas some colleges provides high class infrastructure, education and placement. Students need to be careful in choosing an institution, in which they want to study. However, it’s better to join in a college with good placement record. Though placement of a particular college varies from year to year but this year Tamil Nadu based engineering colleges experienced 20-30 percent hike in salary offered to the students.

salary hike in engineering

Hiring Trend In Engineering

As indicating the earlier hiring trend in engineering colleges at Tamil Nadu, this year the salaries offered to the fresher represent a considerable increase in package from last year. Mostly the startup companies made such offers to attract more candidates into their firm. Companies based on app development, e-commerce and product companies were among these many firms to start in taking students from engineering colleges across Tamil Nadu. Offering lucrative position and salary in India and abroad, these new firms have attracted a whole lot of students towards them.

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Institutions like Sastra University had experienced such hike in this year. PayPal made highest offer this year with 20.50 lakh per annum. Other companies like ChargeBee, MuSigma, Zoha have already visited the campus. The University is looking forward to invite these companies next year so as to allow students with much better career option.

The trend for hiring students with such high package goes on with other private universities. For example, PayPal also visited Vellor Institute Of Technology (VIT) and extracted 15 graduates from institutions by offering each with 20 lakh per annum. As per the officials of VIT university, 19 of the students gets 23 such offers this year. Other major companies, which opted for VIT were among some of the top multinational companies such as Deshaw, Practo, Code Nation, Microsoft etc. More companies are expected to visit the institute by the end of this year. Moreover, Amazon has accepted 13 candidates from SRM University this year.

Lakhs of students graduate from engineering colleges from Tamil Nadu each year and most of them gets selected in newly formed firms as the companies seek new and differential talent. The rise in the intake of salaries will surely attract more students to opt for engineering in future though the bulk packages may not increase the intake from the private colleges.

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