Talk to AK : Highlighting the works of Aam Aadmi Party in Education Sector

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held an interactive session, titled ‘Talk to AK’, on Sunday where people from across the country asked him questions over phone, by sending text messages and through social media.

Speaking at the event, the chief minister said, “I have given interviews to the media from time to time, but I often find questions of the people are different from the media. So, I thought I should directly interact with the people”

Highlights related to Education

  • In the first cabinet meeting, it was decided that education was most critical. We doubled the budget of education from Rs 5K to 10K crore.
  • When Aam Aadmi Party started reigning over Delhi, they came with the idea that putting money on education was an investment. The party provided drinking water and food in schools.
  • There were either no toilets in government schools or were in a very bad shape. We have repaired the toilets in almost all the 1100 schools which come under Delhi.
  • When the new BJP govt came to power, it reduced the education budget by 25% from Rs 82,000 crore to Rs 68,000 crore. We, on the other hand, doubled it. This year, the Delhi government has marginally increased the education budget by 5%.
  • To ensure the future of the nation, children should be educated. We have doubled the budget for education in Delhi. We doubled the Budget allocation for Education from Rs 5,000 crore to Rs 10,00 crore.
  • We have started a Youth Fellowship program. All the youth from India is invited to participate with Delhi Govt. The fellowship programmes for the best and the brightest have received well over 9,000 applications, no dearth of talent.


Delhi Government Kept Students Cool This Summer: The summer camp was initiated by Delhi government wherein the students actively participated for all round development. Started on 11th may, this event ended on 31st May. Around 45,000 students from more than 500 students took part in the summer camps organized by Delhi government especially for state-run schools.

Delhi Government Took Takeover of Two Branches Of Maxfort School: Delhi government has been strict over the private schools ever since it came to power and has taken adequate steps to improve the state-run schools in order to provide a better alternative to parents and students. Private schools in Delhi have been increasing the fee on a regular basis and that too with a hefty rise. Several parents had complained to the Department of Education, Education Minister, and even Chief Minister. So, Delhi education minister Manish Sisodia issued show-cause notice to take over two branches of Maxfort School. The government decided to take over two branches of Maxfort School, one at Rohini and other at Pitampura.

Delhi Government Rolls Out New Plan For Educational Reforms: Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia on June 30, 2016, announced a major school education reform programme titled ‘Chunauti 2018‘. This plan seeks to check drop-out of students from government schools and improve the quality of education, especially for weaker students. Under this scheme, students will be mapped and grouped and the weakest students given ‘special focus’ to enhance learning levels from Class 6 to 9.

Delhi Government To Improve Education With New Action Plan: In the recent past, Education Minister Manish Sisodia unveiled the Delhi government’s action plan to improve the education system. The Delhi government is committed to its vision of bringing government schools on a par with private schools and is carrying out all the necessary efforts to achieve the same.

Delhi Government’s New Initiatives For The Betterment Of State-Run Schools: In the month of April this year, to facilitate daily maintenance of government schools in Delhi, the mobile app was launched to help the newly appointed estate managers in carrying out their assigned tasks of maintenance of schools, sending their inspection reports to the education department and in course helping the principals focus on education.

‘Change-makers in Education Fellows’ programme: Earlier in July, Delhi Government, with an aim to strengthen its policies and train talented young leaders involved in the education sector, is planning to introduce a fellowship for young individuals willing to work in the respective area. The proposed ‘Change-makers in Education Fellows‘ programme aims to attract outstanding young men and women from all over the country to work in State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) for two years.

Delhi Govt’s Online Education Loans Portal For Underprivileged Students: In an attempt to provide better education to all students, Delhi government launched an online portal for education loan to facilitate financial support to underprivileged students. The vision behind this step of the government is that the students after passing class 12th can continue their higher education without any financial hurdles.

Delhi Government Set Up Complaint Centre To Address Wrongdoings In Private Schools: For the past few years, many parents have accused private schools of increasing fee without any prior approval of the government. Giving efforts of transforming education a real shape, Delhi government established a Private schools complaint centre that will cater to the complaints of students and parents. The official statement described the complaint centre as a place to check ‘arbitrary functioning of private schools’.

Delhi Government Schools To Run In Double Shifts: There are around 946 government schools in Delhi in which several lakh students are studying. Indeed there are somewhere around 50 students in one class in maximum government schools and in view of this the State Government has decided to introduce two shifts. While addressing a gathering at ‘Janta ki Cabinet, Janta ke Beech’ on completion of 100 days of Delhi government, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that the AAP Government is planning to run double-shift in 75 schools.


The Kejriwal government has still four more years ahead to prove itself. Nevertheless, there are huge expectations from this government. After giving a historic mandate to this party which rode on the anti-corruption plank, the public mood seems mixed at the moment. The Kejriwal government may have won the people’s confidence by giving subsidies but there are many poll promises yet to be fulfilled.

Generating finance for all these projects is the biggest challenge for AAP as it is running in the second year. Perhaps, the party needs to regularize its approach with dollops of realism before the voters of Delhi loose faith in it.

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