Super 30 to train 10th class students also

The innovative programme Super 30, especially running to provide IIT JEE coaching to underprivileged students, is going to extend its coaching to class 10th students from this year. The program runs under the banner name of ‘Ramanujan School of Mathematics’ which was started by acclaimed mathematician Anand Kumar. The reason behind the number 30 is that it looks for 30 students who have the talent and the potential to perform well. The students are chosen from the economically backwards society and based on their capability to perform well, they are trained and given a chance to secure a seat in one of the prestigious institutes (IITs) of the country.

Super 30 was started seven years ago and this is now a globally acclaimed programme. In the past seven years, Super 30 has grown and has done a lot for the students belonging to the backward society. It has produced hundreds of students for IIT who had extremely poor background with no resource to study. The programme runs with the format where the students are provided free food and coaching. The target audience for Super 30 is an extremely poor audience. The idea behind starting this initiative was to bring a change in the society and in the past seven years, a lot of changes have been seen.

Seeing such a huge success of Super 30, it has been decided that now the students of class 10th will also be included in this programme. Till now, only the students of class 12th were included. This will mean expanding the wings of Super 30. Now Super 30 is all set with its short term and long term goals.

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Anand Kumar said, “We are planning to teach some 10-20 students in a new programme of two years’ duration besides the currently existing programme for those who have passed Class XII. We are launching the programme from this year and it will get bigger from next year.”

As of now, they were taking only 30 students, but according to the officials, they are planning to take a number of students. As the number is still not fixed, it could be around 15-20 students.

Anand Kumar said that his wish is to open a school for the children of economically weaker sections of the society. He further added, “There are a lot of things in the pipeline. Our ultimate goal is to establish a school from Class 6-12 for students from the economically weaker sections. We always wanted a self- sustainable model so that the work continues without any kind of pressure, and later, replicate it all over India. But we do not have enough funds to buy the land. After the land is taken care of, we need to raise funds for running the school, and for this, we are planning to come out with printed books for the classes 6-12. The school need not necessarily target the IITs.”

They are also trying to reach more number of students and trying to go online. This will help them in giving more reach. Till now, the institute used to select students only from the state of Bihar, however, the entrance test was conducted in Uttar Pradesh this year too. On this, Kumar said, “Over 600 students from UP and over 600 from Bihar have applied this year. We have conducted the tests and will shortly come out with the list of selected candidates.”

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