Super 30 performed superbly in Japan competition

It is true that success knows no bounds, especially, when it comes after sheer hard work. That is what happened with the students from Super 30 organization who won an Aeroplane model making competition in Japan. The organization has gained accolades for training students from humble background for the most premier technical institutions of the country. With this victory through this competition, Super 30 has achieved another level of success. A ‘solve and win’ contest was held this September wherein the students competed with students of 30 other groups from across the globe.

The students who were selected include Ujjwal Priyank, Aman Nasim, Subham Raj, Aditya Prakash and Sidhant Mohan. While celebrating their win, the statement that came from the winners was equally worth giving attention to. “The students were given certificates after the results were announced, but later Super 30 became a talking point among all, as did Bihar, the land of Buddha as Japanese know the state as,” the statement reads.

The competition had asked these students amongst others to prepare a design with paper and make it fly. The condition leading to victory was that the one who would make the flying the fastest and for the longest duration would be declared a winner. The ones who succeeded in proving their worth were none other than the Super 30 students. With this win came another surprise that was a meeting with Nobel Laureate Hideki Shirakawa who took these students to his lab that laid the fundamentals of his work. He showed them his experiments and the process of the work that led to his international recognition. That included passing of current through a bad conductor like plastic. He was also impressed with the students and praised them for their hard work and dedication.

“There are no half measures for success. The passion counts, as does dreaming. The students have both. The clouds of adversity cannot prevent the sun of talent from rising. Well done my students!” he said. For the students, these words coming out from the mouth of an established personality meant more than their win.

The organization, Super 30, has been praised for their innovative educational program which they run under the banner ‘Ramanujan School of Mathematics” by Anand Kumar. This may just be the beginning of a high jump by this organization and there may be a lot more to be seen.

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