Sunday’s CAT 2016 exam followed 2015’s footprints

Around 2 lakh CAT Aspirant must be taking a good nap or partying or planning to crack next upcoming paper. Whatever be the situation, 4th December is still on the mind of lakhs of aspirants, who are still contemplating what has happened on the D-day.

CAT 2016CAT, like the previous year, has been conducted by TCS and this the legacy has been passed to IIM Bangalore to convene the exam. Like the CAT 2015, the exam was conducted in a single day in two slots. Before the exam, most FAQs were on the pattern of the paper, Would it be 44-28-28 or 40-30-30 or anything else. But, IIM B had surprised everyone on the morning of 4th December by keeping the pattern same as the previous year i.e. 34-32-34.

As far as the difficulty level is concerned, it was also similar to the CAT 2015 with a little variation. With the motive to attract more students from the other background other than engineers, IIM B went with the IIM A.

The paper consisted of three sections – VARC, DILR and QA in the same order. A candidate has to attempt all the question in 3 hours with the sectional limit of 1 hour.

VARC – No surprise! The paper content was same as the last year – 24 questions on Reading Comprehension (RC) with 5 passages and 10 Verbal Ability (VA) questions on para jumble, para summary and para summary with odd one out. But, what was different is the juxtaposition of the questions. Last year, RC and VA was separately arranged but this year all 34 questions were in the same line. Concerned with the difficulty level, this section is considered as the easiest section among three. The passages were easy to read. However, in some questions the options were too close. The para jumble questions without options remain as the matter of luck for the most of the students and para summary and odd one out questions were also doable. A well read student can attempt around 30 questions in this section.

DILR – Here the tornado comes! This section created a lot of pain for most of the aspirants as the next year. Students found difficulty in attempting the questions. There were 8 sets containing 4 question each with some TITA (type in the answer) question. In the both slots, students reported that most of the question was of R&D and not easily doable. The DI questions were blended with logic. An attempt of 14-16 question out of 32 questions is considered to be as good attempt.

QA – After sailing through the DILR, this section needed to be attempted with a calm mind and one can win the game. The difficulty level of this section was marginally high as compared to the last year. Some questions were tricky and some required calculations. An attempt of 22-25 is considered to be as good attempts.

The peculiarity of this year is wrong question and some infringement. In the QA section, a question is considered to be wrong and the most irritable response was due to pi and root. The symbol was too vague to be determined what was actually it denoted. A shocking news of leaked question paper was rumoured on the social media. A picture of question paper of slot 2 went viral around 4-5 PM. Many students wrote mails to IIM B to re-conduct the exam as their frustration was nothing but obvious.

But, the IIM B clearly clarified the successful conduction of the exam in a notice issued today saying that one malpractice had been reported at one place and that too has been sorted out. So, the paper was not leaked and there are chances that a re-exam will be conducted. In fact, there is no need for the re-exam.

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