Suicide bombings left Iraq streets red once again

In holdover news, a recent suicide bombing attack which took place at a very popular market place in Northern Iraq’s province of Salahuddin on Saturday evening, left seven people dead and other twenty eight injured.

The bomb was detonated by a suicide bomber with the help of an explosive belt. The attack took place at a very popular place which is known as Dujail town which is in Salahuddin province. The bomb exploded in the evening which is a common time where most of the people were on the streets.

According to a source, the Islamic State Group is said to be responsible behind the bombings and it is also being said that till now the casualties are preliminary but with time, they will increase. As of now, no group has claimed responsibility for the same.

In the past few months also, Iraq has seen a number of bombings, the latest one being in the month of March when a suicide bomber killed 7 people in Baghdad. Though at that time, the Islamic State group did claim the attack in an online statement, but this time, till now, no one has claimed the attack. The terrorist groups, always try to target the areas which are crowded, and where they can find large number of people gathering. Iraq has been the target point for these terrorist groups since June 2014, and it has since then seen a series of attacks, mostly in the Northern and the Western regions of Iraq.

On the other hand, another attack that took place on Tuesday, almost thirty six people were killed and almost 100 people were wounded. It was a series of bombing attacks which was mostly done to target the Shiite neighborhoods and the attack took place in the capital city Baghdad.

According to a UN report, in the month of April, around 741 Iraqis were killed and 1,374 have been injured in the attacks which have taken place till now.

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