Students welcome CBSE’s move to cut down XII Maths exam pattern

cbseIn a holdover news, CBSE’s latest move is easing students for the board exams. An air of relief has been provided to class 12 students as Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to alleviate their mathematics question paper next year. This move has been decided over with the recent decline in the marks of class 12 students in the mathematics board exam. The unusually-tough exam that was set this year saw students scoring very poorly which affected their overall percentage. CBSE has revealed in a circular that it aims in reorganizing the pattern for subsequent exams. In the reorganized pattern, short-answer type questions will be introduced and those questions that invoke high-order thinking skill will be avoided as much as it can be. Given the fact that the duration of exams are of three hours, such questions tend to consume more time, thereby, affecting the entire paper of students.

The questions involving high order thinking skills are said to be carrying only 10 marks and will be split into two sections of four and six marks. Students will also be given more choice. This move by the Central Board of Secondary Education has been welcomed by the teachers who acknowledged it themselves that these HOTS questions are the reason why the results this year declined. The HOTS questions carry a considerable weightage and the capability to do them successfully is marred by the limited time period, given that the entire paper needs to be finished. “HOTS questions are tricky and for the last two years, they have been exceptionally tough. It is good that they will be restricted to only 10% now,” a math teacher at a school in Mumbai’s Santa Cruz said.

The teachers have also admitted that the shorter questions take less time and help the students complete the paper on time. “Shorter questions require less time to solve and will help students in completing the paper on time,” the teacher said. The CBSE categorized 20% of the paper as easy, 60% as average and 20% as difficult. Generally, mathematics is one of the subjects on which students rely heavily as one can score full in it and boost up the overall percentage. Moreover, class 12 boards are crucial as the percentage is what determines which college is the student about to bag. Most of the top universities have cut-offs that regularly touch 98-99%.

The feedback from the students is yet to be announced but if the teachers have given their assent to this move, the students are expected to welcome it as well.

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