4 lakh students under NDMC schools still to receive notebooks

Rivalry between ruling AAP government and opposition BJP led corporations in Delhi had reached unimaginable proportions and this had created problems for more than four lakh students in the State. At the commencement of new session on 1 April, the students were supposed to be given exercise books, but it was brought to light that more than 4 lakh students studying in primary schools of North Delhi Municipal Corporation, NMDC are still waiting to get their hands on the exercise books.

primary school in delhiOne teacher of a primary school said that students were without notebooks for more than 5 months and each student was granted to have 5 subject exercise books and one drawing book. She also said that, textbooks were given, but students brought exercise books from their houses. She further added that stationary must be provided to the students free of cost.

It must be noted that there are 746 primary schools being managed by NDMC. The education department had not got any budget for the stationary items. Mukesh Goyal, leader of the opposition NDMC, showed his anger and spoke about the inefficiency of the political leaders. He added that, the political leaders do not keep up their promises and only few of those promises get implemented. The conditions of the students of the primary schools were explained in a letter by the All India Parents Association (AIPA) and given to Commissioner of NDMC and to Mr Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi.

Mr Ashok Agarwal, President of AIPA mentioned about the unsympathetic nature of the school authorities towards students’ education. He also mentioned about the negligence on the part of these authorities in depriving the right to education for these students under Articles 27 and 21-A of the Constitution of India. It must be noted that in 2011, Supreme Court ordered that any stumbling block that prevented children from quality education should be removed.

According to section 8(1) of Delhi RTE Act, books, uniforms, writing materials have to be provided by schools. Mr Agarwal criticized Delhi government for ignoring this serious issue regarding the plight of 10 lakh students studying in primary schools. He further said that state government must take the responsibility of implementing the provisions of the Act. He further condemned Delhi CM for being indifferent regarding this issue.

Mr Bansiwal, chairman of the education committee, NDMC, said that books were given to the students and inside two weeks the exercise books would also be provided. He said that there was some problem in the budget and that has been sorted out now.

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