Students to conduct survey for Green Schools Program

Centre for Science and environment
(Image source: CSE)

The Environment Education Unit (EEU) at CSE was launched to initiate ecological literacy among masses. The unit prepares quality resource material and programmes for students, parents and environment educators as well. Under one such program ‘Green Schools Program’, students from teams and conduct a ‘survey’ of their own school to review the environmental practices of the school and prepare a report. The process is done with the help of Green Schools Program manual, the manual provides step-by-step guidelines for conducting the environmental survey in the school. The practice is done in several schools every year, hence help in making Greener schools.

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) was founded in the year 1980 by Anil Kumar Agarwal (Director) as a public interest research and advocacy organization based in New Delhi. The CSE is now India’s leading environmental NGO that implies focus on spreading awareness on the issues concerning the environment. Sharmila Sinha, Deputy Program Manager, Environment Education, CSE said, “Our advocacy is why we do the training. We disseminate information gathered at our research unit.”

CSE believes in fighting two biggest problems affecting environment; increasing population and rapid industrialization. CSE conducts training sessions, webinars for the industry, NGOs, government officials and students to raise these concerns and implement the outcomes to frame policies to fight the issues. CSE also organizes Summer schools on annual basis for students (Indian and International) as well as young professionals. The intake in such schools for the courses is typically 20 to 25. CSE also conducts general training courses in areas of rainwater harvesting and decentralised waste water treatment.

The policies concerning environment implemented within one year of the Central Government were also discussed in a recent webinar conducted by CSE. Students can also provide their feedback that concerns environment at and also for organizing webinars for PhD research scholars and journalism students. Books on environment can also be purchased at the online portal of CSE

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