Students cry foul as Raffles Education Network closes down without any notice

Fraud in the name of education is common across all the countries. However, it becomes difficult when students become pawns of such fraud. Many institutions have emerged with fancy objectives alluring the crowd of gullible. Students take admissions without researching more about such institutions and get frantic when meet with such shocking eventualities. A recent case erupted that of Raffles Education Network in Koramangala which is in a fix now because it got closed without informing its students or their parents.

A worried crowd comprising students was seen gathered on Friday to meet the representatives who had come from Singapore. The institute in Koramangala is branch of Raffles Education Corporation, Singapore. Sunil Peter, the Vice President of Financial Operations of Group in India, said that the information regarding the closure of the institution was given in January itself. He expressed his helplessness over the matter and even refused to comment when pressed further to say more on it.

The situation at present is such that over 46 students have completed their graduation in various courses and were supposed to get their degree certificates in a couple of days. The courses that the institute offers include Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Graphic designing, Media Management, Multimedia, Product designing, etc. With the unsure environment, it is also not clear whether these students will get their degree at all.

“As per the schedule, the convocation should to be held in mid-November, but all of a sudden, on October 25, they closed down the college. We are all shocked and do not know what to do or how to contact the management,” said a student. The students have now been asked to go and study and another three months in either the Sri Lanka or Malaysia branch or given one more year in the main branch which is in Singapore. The students have complained that this condition of theirs is aggravating their problems further. They are apprehensive and furious at this suggestion of the management.

“When we have completed the course by attending the classes regularly, why should we opt to study for three more months or a year more? They promised us certificates from Australia as per the agreement during the admission, now they are saying they cannot even give us the certificates,” explained another student.

Where the future of the students is still hanging, the response of the Karnataka is still awaited.

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