KVs to take strict action against teachers running private tuitions

In the recent past, scores of complaints have been pouring in from the parents about cases of private tuition business being taken by the KVs teachers. In lieu of the same, Additional Commissioner of the KVs Mr. U N Khaware, in a letter written to the senior officials, has asked the schools to take prompt action against the erring teachers. There are 1,100-odd Kendriya Vidyalayas spread across the country with some branches abroad. This is a very serious issue which requires immediate systemic action to prevent illegal tuition business by some of our teachers.

As per the Article 59 of Education Code for Kendriya Vidyalayas stipulates that “No teacher shall undertake private tuition or private employment or otherwise engage himself in any business”. The private tuition business disturbs the whole learning process. The problematic side includes distortion of the mainstream curriculum, pressure on young pupils and providing undue benefits to pupils like distribution of question papers to the students prior to the exam, high marking in practical/internal exams. It badly affects the trust of the parents which they have in Education System. Needless to say, complaints related to tuitions need to be probed thoroughly in a discreet manner and dealt with desired strictness.

Action Plan on the part of Principals :

  • Interaction with the students on regular interval to ensure effective academic leadership and to establish healthy relation with the students.
  • The parents should be sensitized about the ill effects of tuitions during the PTMs.
  • Teachers should also be educated and cautioned to stay away from the tuitions.
  • Any complaint received from students or parents regarding tuitions by teachers need to be taken seriously and prompt action on the part of the erring teachers has to be taken.
  • The classes should be supervised on regular basis as well as on surprise visit.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan is a pace setting educational organisation and complaints of tuitions against teachers erode the reputation of the organisation built painstakingly over five decades.

Today, private tuitions have become an integral part of a school-going child’s life in India. Earlier, it was mostly uneducated or less educated parents who sent their children for tuitions. Now more than 90 percent of children are taking tuitions. And, this trend is here to stay!!

The teacher who takes the tuition is himself/herself the teacher in some or the other school located in the region or simply a passed out. These teachers teach the students of their own school and few other students of different schools so as not to land themselves in trouble. Now while teaching the students of their own school, they usually become partial. How? Out of 50 students in a class, 30 students take tuition class from him/her, now this he/she will make sure that these students does not fail, but what about the rest 20. Either they will fail them or not let them score good marks because they are not taking tuition classes from him/ her. Accept it or Deny it, this is the true fact of every other school in India.

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