STIR education announces 2015 WISE awards finalists

Education forms the base for a civilized society with the better human practices that reveal the real importance to learn. It helps to build up the strong foundation that would be responsible to develop the better platform along with the suitable education.

About Wise Awards

The wise awards represent the honest efforts from the teachers who put their level best to bring some changes in the society. STIR Education is recognized as the organization with their roots in India and Uganda who came out with the decision to set up the Wise Awards 2015. The centre has been inaugurated in the year 2009 by Qatar Foundation and the entire responsible was under Chairman, Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. The organization even comes out with the optimistic features and approaches that would be useful eliminating the negative things restricting the educational platform.

Finalists for the Wise Awards

wise awards 2015 finalists
list of Wise awards 2015 finalists

The candidates who are being short-listed for the final round really get honoured revealing that they would receive the inspiration to deliver more changes to the society. The Wise Awards 2015 would give recognition to about 10,000 teachers who are able to bring in the real changes helping the community to proceed further. These 10,000 teachers came out with the true impacts over 450,000 children who gained knowledge experiencing the real new features that make education the way to a better standard of living. It would even increase the sense of commitment and thus the teachers would work more that’s helpful to spread the light of education. The finalists even demonstrate the real time approaches revealing the sustainability that develops the creative solutions.

The Bright Future

STIR Education believes that by 2017 they would be able to get 30,000 teachers participating in the Wise movement. Total they would target about 1 million students who would become educated. And by 2024, this number would reach to about 1 million teachers educating about 40 million children. Stavros N. Yiannouka, the Chief Executive Officer of Wise says that their aim is to help the unprivileged children to receive education and realize the positive ways to grab the real time success.

Winning Projects

By September 2015, the names of the 6 winning projects would be declared and even a celebration would be organized at the Seventh World Innovation Summit for Education. Also each candidate would acknowledge an amount of $20,000 (US) along with the networking and publicity features. Before the final decision the projects would be evaluated by a group of pre-jury who are the international experts in the particular field. It would help in coming out with the perfect option acknowledging the real talent.

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