State Education Department aims to reduce dropout rates within SSC classes

A Recent survey in the government school causes a concern for the Maharashtra Government. A higher rate of dropouts case has been observed during the period of class I and class X. The rough data received by the State depicts that around 20 lakh students take admission in class I but when it comes to the exam of SSC board exam, only around 15 lakh appear in the SSC board exams.

There is not only single reason behind the case of higher drop outs. It is associated with poverty, awareness, lack of opportunity and much more. Whatever is the reason, it is highly considerable. While it is said ‘something is better than nothing’, the case of education is slightly different. Without a complete education, it would be of no use in future in getting employed or to better things, to learn.

However, the initiative has been taken by the government like Progressive Education Maharashtra (PEM) to ensure the decrease in dropouts of students. The effective result would take some time to resolve this problem.

The problem which seems difficult to be rectified is poverty. The state government reported that mostly students belonging to poor families usually left their studies in midway. These students used to get free books, uniform, midday meal till class 8 but from then these became the parents’ responsibility which is really cumbersome. Now how does a family which isn’t able to get his ward primary/upper education, is supposed to bear the expenses of more expensive and more important education to High School and Intermediate levels.

Also, students from rural areas have to travel long distances to reach the school which crushes the interest of students. The students from villages or remote areas are getting more involved in the line of work of their parents like cow herding, mining, etc.

The Maharashtra government said it would do it’s best to provide a complete education to children. There are few plans that the state government would execute. Mother school concept is one of them. Under this concept, primary school will be called as the Mother school and it will undertake all the responsibilities to send students to the secondary level of education.

Schools will also conduct baseline tests for class IX and X to check the progress of the students. Also, a supplementary exam would be held for class IX students similar to board exams. The supplementary exam will follow a new format as instructed by the government. Counselling will be also done on a regular basis to maintain communication among the students.

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