St. Xavier’s College bans students from posting content in social media

St. Xavier’s, a Jesuit-run institution has been in the limelight since last few months for its newly introduced rules and regulations. The so called newly framed rules and regulations ranges from choice of apparels to freedom of expression.

As per the new notification issued by renowned St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, West Bengal it has barred its pupils from posting content about the institution on social media without prior permission. The newly launched regulation has created a wave of turmoil among students. Further the latest notice issued clearly warns students of severe action if in case they do not abide by it.

St Xaviers College bans social media use

Earlier during the Annual Fest which was scheduled to be held on August 15 and 16, women students of St. Xavier’s College were not allowed to wear shorts. St. Xavier’s has always been strict about codes for students, who are not allowed to wear shorts in college on regular days.

The notice issued reads, “Students are reminded that articles, audio or audio-visual materials on or about St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, should not be published or uploaded on the internet/social media without prior permission from the Principal.”

In the notification it was also mentioned “Disregard of this mandatory requirement may invite disciplinary action.” The Principal’s office could not be reached for comment despite several attempts.

An alumnus of St. Xavier’s College Ashok Viswanathan who is a Filmmaker and theatre personality found nothing objectionable or questionable in the new notification. Further he said “the mention of disciplinary action is certainly harsh and authoritarian. Right to dissent needs to be given a proper place.”

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