Sanskrit Shiksha Sangh sends legal notice to CBSE regarding adoption of Sanskrit as third language

Sanskrit Shiksha Sangha (SSS) has sent the legal notice to CBSE in order to make Sanskrit language as a third language. Schools are incapable of affiliating the three language formula that says ‘Secondary stage students should learn a modern Indian Language apart from Hindi and English’. Sanskrit Association had challenged that foreign language “German” is to be substituted by Sanskrit as a third language.

The mother of all Indo-Aryan languages, which has also facilitated in the progression and enrichment of almost all languages across the world, is combating a tough battle in its own country of foundation, India. The language, which is accredited and recognized to be the most well thought-out and scientific language in the entire world, Sanskrit is now called a dead language since almost all the schools have accepted foreign languages like French, German, Spanish as the third language.

Sanskrit shiksha sangh delhi

Private schools as well as Government schools such as Kendriya Vidyalaya has approved foreign languages like French, German or Spanish as the third language. Students have to decide on any one language among three in classes VI, VII and VIII.

Previously, Sanskrit Shiksha Sangh had moved to Delhi High Court in 2013 against Kendriya Vidyalay’s verdict to initiate German as their third language, which is totally in opposition to the three language formula.

The Central Board of Secondary Education was served by Sanskrit Shiksha Sangha, a legal notice for not taking up three language formula and keep teaching Spanish, German and French as the third language and maintaining the same. According to SSS, schools are supposed to go behind the law and also chase what had been stated in the affidavit of the High Court.

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