SRM University will launch a new search engine within a month

Chennai based SRM university is planning to add one more feather to its cap of many glorious achievements. On Monday 31 August, SRM University Research Director D. Narayana Rao said that the university would launch a search engine within a month. Mr Rao spoke highly of the search engine and said that it would be accessible in the public domain. He also said that it would be an achievement for the prestigious SRM university when its search engine gets launched.srm university search engineThe search engine to be launched by SRM would be similar to the already existing popular search engines like google, yahoo etc. But one main point to be noted was that, this search engine would provide exact result for any query. Another uniqueness regarding this new search engine would be the priority it would provide to Bharath Centric webpages, pages that are written by Indians and those pages where Indian content is more compared to foreign contents would be given more preference.

Final year computer science engineering student S Guruprakash, along with Eshlok Sharma, Abhay Kumar, Shashank Prasad, Anoop Niranjan, Amrit Aacharya, Shekhar and Punit are part of the team that has achieved this feat.

As per Dr KR Jhansi, assistant professor of computer science and engineering in the university, worldwide internet had brought together communities and it had resulted in piling up of huge information for any particular question or query. This has resulted in tediousness during searching of information. This new search engine would help in saving time for the internet users.

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Research Director Rao praised the students’ skills and talent in designing of the new search engine. He further said that he could not imagine his own students to be so successful in the development and implementation of the new search engine. Professor further added that the search engine was in testing stage and would be launched soon.

SRM University Vice-chancellor Prabir Bagchi, heaped praises on the efforts made by the students to bring this new search engine and the university welcomed many such innovations by the students. He also said that Indian universities must be top institutions in the world. Vice chancellor stressed the importance of practical knowledge that would play major role in the world and the need to overhaul the existing curriculum.

Many other research projects were also displayed by the university students. Electronic skate board, autonomous under water vehicle, concrete canoe were some projects done by students since their last academic year.

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