Special aircraft brings Indians home from Brussels

An immediate help was sent to the 242 Indian passengers including 28 crew members in the form of a Jet Airways Aircraft. They were stranded in Brussels, the capital of Belgium after terror attack happened on airport and a metro station. The Jet Airways Flight 9W1229 that was sent for the help of stranded Indians landed at Indira Gandhi Airport, Delhi on Friday morning from Amsterdam.

indians return home after brussels attacks
Jet Airways Flight landed with 242 Indian passengers at Indira Gandhi Airport, Delhi

The flight landed in Delhi on Friday, at around 5.30 am and then was headed to Mumbai. According to the officials, they were planning to drop all the passengers at their respective residence.

The airline had earlier decided that they will fly separate flights to Mumbai, Delhi and Toronto, but due to some technical glitches, they had to cancel the Mumbai flight and that had to be combined with the Delhi flight.

The Indians who have been rescued are mostly from West Bengal, Pune, Mumbai, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. According to the officials, the Maharashtra government has made special arrangements for the passengers to make sure that they reach their residences. They also added that travelling allowance is being given to people of around 3,000 so that they can travel by train.

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