SpaceX Makes Third Successful Attempt In Rocket Booster Landing

spacex falcon 9 rocket launch
Falcon 9 with Japanese satellite was launched on early hours of Friday from Florida (Image Courtesy – SpaceX Twitter Account)

Motivated by the successful landing of first stage rocket on sea, SpaceX turned up for the next try. This time, the Falcon 9 rocket was launched to send a Japanese satellite into orbit. Since the distance of geostationary transfer orbit (GTO) was multi-folds of the last time, even company representative were less optimistic. But, contrary to the challenges, the first stage of rocket landed successfully on the drone ship ‘Of Course I Still Love You’.

The Falcon 9 rocket carrying Japanese satellite JCSAT-14 was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 1.21am EDT on Friday. Once placed in the orbit, the satellite will be used to provide television, high-speed internet and mobile phone services to customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

The altitude of GTO is approx. 22,000 miles, while the last time when SpaceX recovered the rocket on drone ship, it was sent the altitude of around 250 miles. Considering the altitude, the company representatives were not hopeful for another round of success. The company had said in a statement that the first stage rocket will be subjected to extreme velocities and re-entry heating and hence a successful landing is not sure.

Defying all the barriers, the company successfully placed the satellite in orbit as well as recovered the rocket booster.

This is the third time that SpaceX has got the orbital rocket back in Earth after the launch. First time, the company tried this in December, but on stable ground. Second, it tried last month when the landing was attempted at a floating stage in the middle of the ocean. With the latest landing, the company has bagged three wins in its pocket.

SpaceX’s owner Elon Musk has mentioned several times that his company plans to reuse the recovered rocket for multiple launches as as attempt of cost-cutting. When asked a similar question on Twitter, Musk replied that the company aims to relaunch the booster in coming 3 to 4 months.

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