Sony Global Education to integrate Blockchain technology with its Global Math Challenge

Japan based company, Sony Corporation, has introduced a new technology in the educational arena. A division of the company, Sony Global Education has developed Blockchain technology. With this new attempt of Sony Global Education, it will keep educational data that can be securely shared with other services and third parties. Usually, Blockchain technology was developed on the basis of bitcoin. Since then it has been used for similar implementation commonly known as altchains.

sony global education blockchain technology

Sony Global Education’s mission is ‘to provide a range of unifying, non-traditional services that inspire a passion for learning across the world and that offer the opportunity to act on this passion and to create a new educational infrastructure for a connected society’.

With this technology, Sony will make a central system for candidates and their test results and resume. This will felicitate candidates as well as organization for better communication.

“With this infrastructure in place, each evaluating organization sends an individual’s testing records could assess those results and calculate a score in a way that fits its own methods,” company explained.

It will act as a universal ID platform and function like resume sites like LinkedIn. “For example, after taking an examination to demonstrate his or her academic proficiency level, an individual could direct the testing organization to share the test results with one or more third party evaluating organizations. This would be the first if implemented on a system-wide basis,” company elaborated in a press announcement.

Sony expects that it would be able to globalize this technology and attract educational institutions and other sources of learning to participate and add some value to the concept. The company also believes this new education will take a leap in future and will change the way of tests and evaluation process which are being designed and evaluated.

Sony also claims that would be able to prevent from malpractices which commonly happens in tests results. However, there is no clarification about this approach but it seems that the platform would display result live so students and corrupt public officials would be debarred from changing test results after the completion of tests.

Currently no any prototype has been revealed by the company. Sony announced it will introduce this new technology in 2017. Initially company will focus to integrate the technology with its Global Math Challenge, in which over 150,000 participants participate from 80 countries around the world.

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