Sony Global Education To Host 2nd Global Math Challenge on 27th Sept

Sony global math challange

Sony Global Education finally made the much awaited announcement that it will be the official host of the 2nd year of its Global Math Challenge scheduled you be held on September 27, 2015. The competition provides a golden chance to the interested candidates to make use of their true mathematical creativity. The 2nd Global Math Challenge will be held ONLINE simultaneously in Japanese, English, and Chinese. As per the information received from the sources, till date near about 500,000 people have already registered.

What is Global Math Challenge?

Global Math Challenge has been introduced by the Sony Global Education to bring about a change in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields among people of all ages. In the long run its main aim is to be the largest math competition in the whole world. It has also been planned that the exam in the long run would be held twice a year so as to reach more schools, organizations and individuals in more countries across the globe. As a consequence of which it will become a major contributor in the education sector and that too on a global scale.

Check out the Eligibility Criteria

Irrespective of the age whether you are old or young, if you have passion for Mathematics then need not wait just participate in the Online Math Competition from anywhere across the world via computer or mobile device. The test will let you compete against other math fans worldwide.

What type of Questions are Expected to be asked?

  • The questions that will be asked have been devised by the Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee, an organization with a strong track record in math contests geared towards children.
  • The questions will in actual tests the creative skill of the participants and will let them know their true math sense.
  • The challenge will be conducted in 9 different grades ranging from 1st grade in elementary school through middle school and all the way up to the adult level.
  • The standard of the question has been raised as per the education levels of test takers.

Registration Process

  • In the 1st Global Math Challenge candidates were permitted to register only individually but in the 2nd year candidates can participate in Groups also: Global Math Challenge for Schools.
  • The initiative will act as a boon for schools, learning centers and other participating organizations as in the long run they may enjoy benefits to meet the needs and demands of the institutions and learning. If in case a teacher register for the competition then the IDs and passwords will be issued for all the participating students in his/her team.
  • Another advantage of registering in groups is that they have an option to select the test day as per their convenience anytime during the two weeks leading up to the worldwide September 27 date.

Scoring Process

The Score results and global rankings will be provided both individually and for the group as a whole, enlightening the degree to which each test taker was comfortable with the material as well as how each group fared as a whole.

Further Details

As per the information received from the sources there are Two plans available to register for Global Math Challenge.

  • First- Trial Plan: In this plan the candidates will receive not only their score, but their global ranking as well, shortly after the test
  • Second- Paid Standard Plan: Under this maximum 4 people can participate using one shared account. They will be guided with step by step instructions, beautifully illustrated explanations for every question and analysis of their critical thinking strengths. Much more amazing is an extra set of bonus questions.

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