Some DU colleges seek deemed university status

DU colleges deemed university statusIn recent news from the nation’s capital city, New Delhi, comes a news that can be potentially groundbreaking for several students around the country and for more reasons too. Some of the most prestigious colleges in the city have applied for registration as a university now. The colleges which have applied to obtain the status of a university from the government of India include,

  • SRCC College,
  • Ramjas College,
  • St. Stephens College and the
  • Hindu College.

Once, the government grants the University status to this colleges, it is possible for them to make their own fee structure and syllabus. It is always advisable for students to take an admission into a University over a college as the University is free to design its own syllabus which can allow it to take the students choices into consideration. When these colleges get a university status they can also modify the fee structure which can be of concern to students as we often see that the cost of tuition in universities is costlier than the one in colleges.

“Few colleges like SRCC, St. Stephens, Ramjas, Hindu and the ones run by the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee want to seek deemed university status. HRD has also formulated some norms for providing more autonomy to colleges but deemed status will give them complete freedom to function on their own, a senior university official said.

As mentioned earlier, the cost of studying in these universities can get costlier and hence these colleges can expect a revolt from the student unions against their demand of a university status from the government.

From the senior official, the following statements were added,

“The matter was raised at the Governing Body meeting of the Hindu college and in the later stages proposals will be drafted for seeking the status and the colleges will be required to gain an A grade in NAAC accreditation for three consecutive times.”

“If this happens, the colleges will not be bound to follow DU rules and there will be no need to seek sanctions from the University for any Decisions.”

New Delhi being the nation’s capital and a major city for students from all over the country to come and study for their higher education degrees, this is a major decision, as these universities land among the top ones not only in the city of Delhi but also all over the nation.

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