Social Media Campaigns at its top ahead of DU Student Union Polls

The entire nation witnessed the role of social media during Assembly Elections last year, now the same mode is going to play a major role in the biggest elections of student union. DU Students’ Union Polls are a few days ahead and all the parties have taken the Twitter route to promote their campaign virtually.

National Students Union of India (NSUI) and their counterparts Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), Chhatra Yuva Sangharsh Samiti (CYSS) are currently campaigning on Twitter using hashtags like #NSUIthebest, #NSUImanifesto, #NSUI4DUDU, #ABVProcks, #ABVPDelhi, #CYSSIndia and many more.

ABVP Delhi State Secretary, Saket Bahuguna, said to the media, “We have launched the Twitter campaign to connect better with the students. These days most of students are on Twitter and we thought that by generating support here we will also get an idea about how many people are supporting us.”

He also added, “As per our social media analytics team, by the end of Monday there were about 30,000 tweets that were sent out using the hashtag #ABVProcks.”

While no senior leader from BJP have come in open for supporting ABVP, senior Congress leaders Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee President Ajay Maken and Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor tweeted using the hashtag #NSUIthebest on Monday. Ajay Maken had earlier extended support at a program where the candidates for DUSU elections were introduced to the media.

BJP’s social media team is helping the ABVP to manage its Twitter campaign. Convener of the Delhi BJP Samvad Cell, Khemchand Sharma informed, “The RSS and BJP have been garnering support for the ABVP. We have also extended support to them in managing their social media campaign.”

Media co-ordinator for NSUI, Angellica Aribam said, “Our candidates are making good use of the social media to connect with students. They have been tweeting all day on Monday using the hashtag #NSUIthebest. On Sunday, we used the hashtag #NSUI4DUSU. A lot of students are also tweeting and re-tweeting our tweets. We are getting a good response on social media. The trends will give us an idea on how many people are supporting us.”

“We are going to continue the trend on Tuesday as well. Using the hashtag #NSUImanifesto, we will tweet about the main points in our manifesto with the hashtag #NSUImanifesto”, she added.

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The parties are also taking the other major issues like CBCS, free wi-fi, right to education loan at the social media. CYSS has been rallying a major promotion campaign backed by Delhi government reigning party AAP. While on the other hand, parties such as AISA and SFI are against CBCS as their manifesto’s main issue to leverage student’s attention and support.

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