Bureaucrats unhappy with Smriti Irani’s plan to hold International education summit in November

Smriti Irani

Ministry of Human Resource and Development plans to conduct the three day conference from November 27 to 29, 2015 at Gandhi Mandir in Gandhi Nagar the same venue where the Vibrant Gujarat summit takes place.

It is always said that the decisions taken hurriedly and in pressure often leads to problems. Same happened when Union Minister of HRD Smriti Irani hurriedly gave the decision of conducting international summit on education in Gujarat in the month of November. Bureaucrats and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh bodies are full of tension and anguish that how the preparations for the event which has to be conducted on a large scale will be organized in less than four months’ time.

This has left the bureaucrats in an upside down situation because they do not have ample time to make the best of best preparations. Not only the bureaucrats are tensed but also the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh affiliated education bodies are upset over the same as they have been left out of the lavish plan for hosting educationists and education ministers from 180 countries.

Change in dates and months: Earlier the International Summit on Education was supposed to be conducted in the month of February so it was not a subject matter of immediate concern. But when Hon’ble Prime Minister’s office intervened in the hosting of the International Summit that the reworking on the Project begin which led the decisions to be taken hurriedly.

Change in venue: From the sources it has also been revealed that earlier it was planned to host the three-day conference at Vigyan Bhavan as all such type of international meets take place at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi but later it was shifted to Gandhi Mandir in Gandhinagar- the venue that has been the host of Vibrant Gujarat summit since so many years. As per the officials of the ministry “It was decided that Gandhi Mandir is better equipped and more experienced in handling seminars of a bigger scale than Vigyan Bhawan”

Another reason behind the agitation of the saffron brigade and the bureaucracy department is that the way the things are getting changed and they are being compelled to do the things right away as per the orders. An RSS-affiliated education establishment said “The meeting is just two months away and till now the agenda of the meeting has not been finalised. We don’t know which countries are participating. We need to set our agenda.”

If the tentative agenda is to be believed, then in the International Summit it has been planned to discuss about both school level education and higher level education. India will share its achievements in the field of education and will also try to pick the good education practice that has been adopted by the western countries.

Due to the shortage of time, adopting an unprofessional way ministry has taken its first step towards the International Summit by first writing the letter so as to make the countries aware about the event. Further also telling them the details will soon be available on the to-be-launched website. Once the agenda and timeline is finalized, Indian agencies in foreign countries will be asked to share the details with their respective countries. Ministry requires two week time on their part to create the updated official website for the Summit.

As per sources, November is not considered an ideal time either to conduct Summit or to participate in any Summit, the very reason being semesters are about to end and the academicians across the world remains busy. Sangh functionary said, “Most of the people we interact with internationally have appointments planned a year in advance. We have doubts about the kind of people who will be attending the meet.”

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