Smriti Irani education row: Court Reserves next order for 24th June

Smriti IraniNow a day’s Smt. Smriti Irani, Human Resource minister of India, is in trouble because Delhi Court today reserved its order for 24 of June on a complaint against allegedly giving “false” information about her qualification to the Election Commission.

When Smriti Irani filled three affidavits before the Election Commission for her Lok Sabha election candidature during nomination in April, 2014. On the other hand she also filled the information for Rajya Sabha but with different detail about her educational qualification as compare to previous one.

Court Magistrate, Akash Jain heard the pledge by a senior advocate K.K. Manan, Ahmer Khan, an independent writer, who entered in to the court for the complainant, whether cognizance of the complaint can be taken or not.

Advocate Manan addressed the court referring to the information provided by smiriti Irani, which she filled the information in to her affidavit during Lok Sabha election in April 2014; she maintained that she had completed University in 1996. On the other hand during Rajya Sabha election in Gujrat in July 2011,  she said,” She did B.Com part I as her Highest qualification from Delhi University (School of correspondence)”

During further hearing the senior council said that Irani from Amethi constituency in Uttar Pradesh on April 16, 2014 filled the nomination with the detailed that she had done Bachelor of Commerce part I from Delhi University(School of Open Learning).

Giving a sarcastic comment, advocate Manan told the Magistrate,” When she did B.A part I, part II and part III even God doesn’t know. The question is what the society is asking today from a person who is holding the post of the Minister”.

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At the end of this hearing session in the court, the Magistrate said” As per the arguments on some points court will clear the matter for order on June 24th, whether cognizance for this situation can be taken or not.

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