Smriti Irani assures, autonomy of IIMs will not be compromised under Draft Bill

Smriti Irani, Human Resources department (HRD) minister made it clear that the autonomy of a IIMs would not be compromised in any manner under proposed IIM Draft Bill. The Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) Draft Bill 2015 is passed by the Central Government of India in order to declare these institutes as ‘Institution of National Importance‘ and to ‘attain standard global excellence in management’.

iim draft bill
IIMs have raised the concern over the proposed IIM Draft Bill

The major problem associated with this bill is that whatever IIM officials decide for the welfare of Institution, that particular decision will require government approval. Whether it be appointing board members or deciding fee structure, Institution officials will have to consult the government.

Top IIMs like IIM Ahmadabad have raised their protest against the Draft Bill which will enable government intervention in the functioning of IIMs. The institutions are likely to fight against this bill so as to maintain their autonomy. The government, however, feels that it is necessary to intervene into these matters, as the newer IIMs will need support from both public as well as government assistance (Also Read : IIM Nagpur & IIM Amritsar starts functioning).

According to the draft bill para 21(1), the IIMs ‘will be bound by such directions on questions of policy as central government may give in writing from time to time’. Therefore, the agitation was organized by the IIM’s officials, as this bill will snatch up the autonomy of these institutions.

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HRD Minister have declared that government will not interfere in these institutions’ official matters and hence the autonomy will not be compromised. After meeting with Kiran Mazumdar, Chairman of IIM Bangalore, Smriti Irani told to media that the IIMs are asked to prepare bill by themselves. Mrs. Irani also stated that under this new bill the President of India will be the nominal head and all the appointments of board members or directors of IIMs will be approved by the Honorable President of India.

According to the ministry, the government is trying to hold the position of these institutes without disturbing the autonomy. While addressing Parliament, Mrs. Irani stated that the bill ‘intends to ensure greater synergy and financial autonomy along with commensurate accountability in academic and financial matters of IIMs’. The bill is likely to be put forth in front of parliament in next session.

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