Centre government planning to set up Skill Development University in Bihar

Indian Government is planning to set up skill development universities in a number of states across India, the states are allegedly Bihar, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and a couple more. The Government will bring out this project in the upcoming parliament session.

skill development university in bihar
The Government is planning to set up a number of skill development universities in the Country

The details are further provided by the ministry. They say that these proposed skill development universities will be completely different than that of the regular universities. But setting completely different kind of universities up is not easy as breeze. It includes a lengthy procedure. Modi Government gives further insight into the matter saying that before carrying out the complete project successfully, a proper proposal has to be firmed up. They have to discuss the idea with other ministries and after the idea is accepted by the other ministries, the next step is to take it to the cabinet to seek further advices and then finally to the parliament.

The Minister of State for Skill development, Rajiv Pratap Rudy said expressing disappointment that they are toying with the idea of passing a skill University bill, not being sure whether it will truly be implemented or not. All they are doing is trying to see if they will be able to get the legislation in its place during the monsoon session of parliament.

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There are serious reasons though why BJP Government is thinking of setting up a number of skill development universities. The Government wants to deal with the unemployment issue with a strong hand this time. They want 50 crore employable people through skill development by the year 2017. Their belief is clear here, unemployed people are often educated and learned. All they need to do is to find proper employment to brush up their skills. And this time the government is to provide them with a centre where they can do stuff to make themselves eligible for employment.

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The Government is also precise about the kind of jobs they are to be employed in. The ministry said that all technical training curriculum is compulsory to be linked with National Skill Qualification Framework for the purpose of being employed in Government jobs.

Comparing the number of skilled youths in countries other than India, our figures are quite poor. We have only 3 percent youths in India with skills to be employed. And this is an alarming news. But the skill development centre is not only adequate to improve the unemployment situation, Indian Government is to take a number of steps though, as informed by Rudy, Minister of State for Skills Development and entrepreneurship.

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