Second Mega PTM leaves imprint on Delhi’s Education Model

Parents Teachers Meeting (PTM) is one of the most important approach towards a child’s holistic development since it provides a parent with an opportunity to interact with teachers to stay updated on his child’s progress and on the other hand, for the teacher to revert back on the fallibilities as well as flair of a promising child.

Though private schools had always been preponderantly ahead, government-run schools have mostly been lackadaisical, if not completely negligent in this venture. However, the Delhi Government led by Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal, in a bid to improve the functioning of the national capital’s primary education, has positively conducted the mega PTM which began under its signature Chunauti-2018 scheme, a major school education reform program. The second edition of the mega parent teacher meeting (PTM) held on 15th October.

As per the itineraries of the PTM, teachers were instructed to individually discuss every student’s progress, share report cards and also show the child’s answer sheet to the parents.

The first edition held on July 30 of the program, had already been dubbed a success due to the participation of almost 70 percent of parents.

The intent behind the program was to increase the participation of parent’s interaction with teachers and their involvement for the overall amelioration of their child’s future. The detailed report cards of the students’ performance in the recently concluded Summative Assessment-I were also shared and discussed during the second mega PTM.

The Directorate of Education(DoE) had directed the teachers to use positive terminologies while presenting a student’s report card. This step was in response to the criticism of the first PTM, which had developed after a student had committed suicide after an allegedly bad feedback. DoE had asked the faculties to use terms such as “can perform better” and “has the potential to achieve more”, instead of more reprimanding substitutes which severely undermine the purpose of such meet.

As was observed in the last PTM, the students, this time too, made cards inviting their parents to the school. The schools also contacted parents individually and encouraged them to attend the meet. As had been reiterated by the state government, it once more stated on a day before the meet that it was committed on transforming government schools in Delhi to ensure affordable quality education.

The Delhi government has also started the “Every Child Can Read’ campaign to ensure every child can read up to grade level books. The time of the PTM was from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 to 7 p.m. for evening shift schools.

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