Second Chance for Girls to complete their Education

It has been noticed for past several years that the girls are leaving school at an alarming rate. This has also affected the economy of the country in a lot of ways. To tackle this menace, Wheels Global Foundation, a leading NGO from the United States has decided to tie up with an Indian NGO Pratham. By doing this, it will be helping a lot of girls by giving them a second chance.

NGO Pratham has started a program known as ‘Second Chance’ to help such girls. The main aim behind starting this program is to help all the girls that drop out of the school at the age of 14. And, by identifying those, they will be helping those girls in completing their education.

Wheels Global Foundation was started by alumni of Indian Institute of Technology. As of now, they will be helping all the girls belonging to underserved communities of India across five states in India. The Foundation will be providing them with technological help across health and education sectors. The organization will provide digital solutions to the students for completing their secondary education and diploma. Laptops and tablets will also be provided to the students by the Foundation, while the content would be provided by Pratham.

Hiten Ghosh, WGF President, said, “Using digital teaching tools allows the young adults to learn at their own pace, which is important.” As of now, Pratham works in 33 centres that are connected across 200 learning sites. These learning sites are in nine states – Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, and Telangana.

Renu Seth, Head of Pratham’s Second Chance Programme, said, “By augmenting the girls’ education program with access to interactive and engaging digital content, we hope to provide them with a more robust learning experience and improve outcomes.”

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