Schools in Mumbai Hold Workshops on Sex Education & Awareness

Sex Education

While the educational campuses are not building any fire walled against sexual harassment or molestation, the need of the hour is to educate the young minds on such trivial issues and take preventive measures which have never been taken in the yester years. The CBSE is the only board that lays emphasis on sex education, so the schools on their part have started taking the initiative. Mumbai schools take lead in sex education and awareness among the students.

Carl Laurie, principal of Christ Church School, Byculla said, “Regular workshops are held not only for students, but also parents to make them aware of how to have discussions on these topics at home. Earlier we used to conduct workshops on sex education only for students of the senior classes, now even the younger children attend.” He added that the school recently hired women security guards.

As number of cases of molestation of the students on the part of the staff has increased in the past few years so now the schools before hiring the employees have made the policy to warn them against the same. Natasha Mehta, principal of Euro School in Navi Mumbai while telling about that many schools in the city have adopted this policy said, “We have a very strict policy that at the time of induction of staff, they are clearly told how to behave with students. Even while counselling students, our staffers are told never to make a student sit on their lap. The issue needs to be highlighted to all staff members.”

The CBSE board has taken so many initiative on their part so as to leave no stone unturned to make the students aware about the sexual harassment or molestation. Avnita Bir, principal of R N Podar High School, Santacruz (W) said, “Sex education is part of the Adolescent Education Program module which is prescribed by the CBSE board. Several topics in this programme cover sex education.” Further she was of the view that subjects like biology in the CBSE curriculum cover sex education in text books prescribed for Classes VIII, IX and X.

She was also of the view that, “CBSE is a very comprehensive curriculum and these topics have been taught in our schools for quite some time now. Besides, we also conduct workshops for girls and boys separately to help students get a clear picture.”

When the State Government of Maharashtra has open their eyes wide open so as to make sex-education compulsory, schools well before time have taken initiative on their part by conducting lectures and workshops for students. In lieu of this principal of Bansidhar Aggarwal High School, Wadala said, “We have invited doctors in the past to shed light on this topic. Many guardians who are either counsellors or doctors visit and hold sessions on sex education.”

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