Schools hesitant about re-exams for Class 9 fail students

In January, the School Education Department of Maharashtra had passed a government resolution as per which the schools were directed to hold re-examination for Class 9 fail students. The re-exams have been proposed to be held in July for three subjects: Mathematics, Science, and English. However, as the current academic year is about to end, many schools are confused about the state’s directive to conduct the re-exam this year.

Around 1.5 lakh students were reported to fail Class 9 annual exams last year. Considering this as the main reason behind high dropout rate, the education department asked the schools to keep a record of such students and provide them with two-month intensive training under its ‘Rapid Education Initiative‘.

The initiative is extended to the students who score less than 45 percent marks in the annual exam. Since maximum students fail or score less in these three subjects (Maths, Science, & English), the schools were told to train the students for these subjects only. Now as the annual exams are on the verge of completion, many schools are unsure if they will have to conduct the re-exams in July.

The education department is yet to provide clear instructions regarding the issue and hence the schools are in doubt whether they should plan for holding the re-exams in July or plan the schedule for next academic year. Another major issue in front of schools is to get a clear perspective on how to accommodate the students who will pass these re-exams once the fresh academic session is started.

As far as the re-exams are considered, some schools are planning to conduct the Class 9 re-exams at the end of this month itself, instead of July. This is being considered so that the upcoming academic session could be started as per the usual practice.

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