School in Bihar gets a surprise visit by minister

The recent Bihar Topper scam might have hit the state government way too deep that they decided to scrutinize the way education is given and received in the schools. The flak that the government is facing for its lackadaisical attitude towards the state education has decided not to die down. It has been almost a month, yet various sections of society still persist in talking about it which is why the education minister of the state has started working to fix the twaddle that is going around in the education department.

A school in the Dihri block in Buxur district of the state got a surprise visit by the education minister, Dr. Ashok Choudhary, on Monday. This visit by the minister in Dihri High School was an immediate decision as he was returning from a personal visit and called for an abrupt inspection of the school. The minister began his inspection by attending the hindi class of class 10 students. It was around noon and the fifth period was going on. It has been reported that he sat in the class for a good ten minutes followed by visit to another class of the school. In the other class too, he sat for few minutes to get a first-hand experience of how the education is being conveyed to the students.

bihar education minister inspects school

This visit has been touted as one to understand the ground reality of the standard of education in the state. Choosing a school in the district would be beneficial as the system over there always remains in doubt. The recent toper scam has shaken the confidence of people of other states in the working conditions of the government for their own state people. This inspection is a commencement of more official inspections that would take place subsequently. As of now, no official statement has been passed by the state government regarding what steps would they undertake to improve, not just the reputation that seems to be going downward but also the actual condition of education that has relegated to the extreme.

The minister, while leaving, also promised the school authorities that he would look into the development of the school. He has taken the assurance from the school authorities that the students would be given good computer knowledge along with the knowledge from the other subjects. Now that the state is gripped by educational insecurities too, what is to be seen is whether the state government would merely talk about education or actually do something for it.

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